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Dear friends and customers, 


My repair shop is open for curbside drop off and pick up of repairs for your convenience by appointment only.  I prioritize the safety of myself and that of my customers. 

I am continuing to offer online music lessons for both new and current students. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email at


If you’d like to call instead, here is my number 305-903-2554.   If I don’t pick up the phone right away, I am probably driving or giving a lesson.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, I value your patronage and look forward to supporting you with your repair and lesson needs.

Musical Instrument Repair

Established in 1978, Glen Perry has provided South Florida Individuals, Schools and Professionals with the finest quality musical instrument repairs.

We have a wide variety of services available for all Brass, Woodwind and String Instruments including:


*  General maintenance

*  Complet Overhauls

*  Dent Removal

*  Custom Modifications

*  Part Replication

*  and more

Shop estimates are always free.  

Field estimate charges may be applied to approved repairs.


Please Call for an appointment  



Musical Instrument Repair
Musical Instrument Repair
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Woodwind Play Condition Maintenance

PLAY CONDITION: Oil and regulate. Up to 2 pads replaced. If more work is needed you will be contacted with an estimate.  Please note Play Condition does not include any cleaning.


Brass Play Condition Maintenance

PLAY CONDITION: Regulate with new felts, corks and valve & water key springs.  Align valves & slides. Please note Play Condition does not include any cleaning.

Brass Chem-Clean Maintenance

chem clean valve.png

BRASS CHEM-CLEAN: Many brass instruments have thick debris and contaminants coating the interior surfaces.  In addition to making the instrument feel tight, this material can interfere with the valve and slide action.  Instruments should be cleaned at least once per year.  

Guitar and String Instrument Set Up

Spanish Guitar

GUITAR & STRING SET UP: Have your instrument professionally set up for the best playability, overall performance and action. 


Music Lessons & Audition Preparation

MUSIC LESSONS & AUDITION PREP: Make the most of your summer with individual private instruction to have you playing your best.  Get ready for All State Auditions Now! All Ages and Levels Welcome French horn | Trumpet | Baritone | Tuba

Piano Tuning 

piano tuning.jpg

PIANO TUNING: If the piano is played often or someone is taking lessons, a piano should be tuned twice a year. If no one is playing regularly, it should be tuned at least once a year to keep it good shape. Going unmaintained can cause the pitch to slip 1/2 step or more. 

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The Essential Guide to French Horn Maintenance
by Glen Perry

Great Gift Idea For
French horn Players
Brass Players 
Band Directors!

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"After reading through the book a couple of times, I am very impressed with his thorough (yet straightforward) explanations . . . It is highly recommended for music educators and horn players at all levels, and should be considered essential reading for all horn teachers and band directors. Bravo and thank you to Glen Perry for producing a terrific book!"  --Dr. James Boldin, University of Louisiana Monroe

"The book as a whole reinforces some processes that have been passed down through time, but also dispels some myths that could cause serious damage . . . I am grateful to Mr. Perry for giving us an extensive maintenance and repair resource that is devoted specifically to the horn." -- Dr. Jeffrey L Snedeker - The Horn Call

Online Lessons Available!

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Private Music Lessons

Get Started Now!

Private Music Lessons are available for French horn, Trumpet, Baritone and Tuba.

For More Information please visit

All ages and abilities welcome

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

Glen Perry took my 1947 Martin Committee and lovingly restored it and overhauled. It looks great and plays great.  He has a care for his work that is hard to find in today's world.  Old world craftsmanship and love for the work are evident in the way he holds and talks about your instrument.  He is very knowledgeable and skilled.  He came well recommended to me from a pro and I recommend him to others.  I have just taken him my 1940s NY Bach Strad Trumpet to work on.  Not mentioned here is that he is a luthier.  Ask him about that and take a look at his custom instruments.  

Brad S. 

Mr. Perry has been a featured author on the subject of musical instrument repair for a nationally recognized music educator's publication "School Band & Orchestra Magazine.


His Book "The Essential Guide to French horn Maintenance" is available on Amazon and other online booksellers.  

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