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School Maintenance Plan


With the uncertainty of the economy, now is the time to protect yourself against budget busting musical instrument repairs with our school repair maintenance plan. With this plan, not only new instruments are protected, but we also cover the older instruments already in your inventory! This additional protection shields you from the risks and stress of managing a large band inventory. This essentially gives you a fixed cost for most of your future Musical Instrument Repairs. In addition, our serialized individual instrument repair history will help you keep track of instrument wear and tear.  This results in improved performance and a prolonged equipment life.  For Significantly less than the cost of new instruments, you can have your existing instruments reconditioned.  This program offers you an incredible value. You get “new” instrument performance and reliability for much less than replacement prices!  Your  instruments are completely inspected and restored to perfect playing  condition. Once your instruments are back in tip top shape, they are can be enrolled in this program.  You now have a fixed cost for your common Instrument Repairs going forward.


Getting Started:

Each Instrument to be covered by the plan must be inspected and repaired to top playing condition by our shop.  Please note that some instruments will need serious work and others will be in need of only minor adjustment or pad.  Still others will need no repair at all to be entered into this amazing cost saving program.  Estimates will be given and approval from you will be necessary before any repairs commence.    To get your inventory into shape, as part of our introductory offer, an additional discount of 10% will be applied to groups of 6 or more instruments repaired at the same time. Repair and restoration work will be billed in advance of the delivery to the school or parents organization at your direction.  Please note that as part of our introductory offer, an additional discount of  5% will be deducted when payment is made by your school or parent organization check on delivery.  (C.O.D.)   Payment Is due in full NET 30 days from the delivery of the instruments to your facility. For large accounts, arrangements can be made for 60 or 90  or 120 day payment schedule.


Now That You Are Ready:

The repaired as well as any instruments deemed to be already in excellent condition will be immediately issued a control number and immediately enrolled in the plan. The plan applies to only to school owned serialized musical instruments registered by each school.    Service and billing for qualified   instruments will be tracked by serial number or control number.  A detailed report of maintenance will be provided on request at the end of each school year for the completed individual repairs.  This will aid in planning and help support any budgetary justification you may need for next year.   The plan may be discontinued by your school program at any time with no future commitment.


What Does It Cover?

Woodwind Instruments: Replacement of pads, corks, springs, felts, solder joints and   removal of available minor dents on metal instruments, regulation, bent keys, key height adjustment. Any necessary replacement parts will be billed at cost plus 10% (head crowns etc.)  Brass Instruments: Repair or replacement of felts, corks, solder joints, springs, and valve guides, removal of stuck slides and removal of minor available dents. Any necessary replacement parts will be billed at cost plus 10% (water keys, finger buttons, etc.)


What Does It Cost?

A monthly maintenance fee will be billed to the school for each instrument covered  under the plan.  $ 4.50 per month for Small Instruments  (Piccolo, Flute, Soprano Clarinet, Trumpet, Oboe) and $5.50 per month for large instruments (Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Trombone, Baritone, French Horn, Marching Horns, Sousaphone and Tuba.)  As long as the fees are paid and your account is current, these repairs will be made with no additional charge (necessary parts will be billed at cost plus 10%) Repairs that exceed normal wear and tear or considered abuse will not be covered by the plan, but qualify to be repaired at a  significantly discounted rate.


All Of Your Repairs and Restorations Guaranteed


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