French Horn
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Screw Bell / Detachable Bell Conversion

                                  This can be done to any horn. After conversion Horn will fit  in flat cases or cut bell gig bags.

                                     Lacquered  Instruments    $650.00             Un-lacquered Instruments        $550.00


Cast Metal Stop Plate Replacements

Horns with stamped sheet metal stop plates and plastic stop plates can have them replaced with heavy duty

cast stop plates.  $ 30.00 each

Rebuild RotaryValves

Valve is centered and bearing adjusted. The valve is built up with a copper plate and hand fit or

lapped into the casing to ensure a proper fit. It is then plated with nickel.  The valve is aligned,

the bumpers replaced if necessary and  restrung.  $275 per valve


8D 4th Valve Lever Linkage conversion

Conversion of mechanical linkage of the 4th valve to string linkage   $250.00